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  Onstream Media's Digital Media Services Platform[DMSP]...a highly secure Digital Asset Management service, coupled with a powerful set of web based communications tools, enables companies to more effectively manage, create and distribute their content to audiences of any size worldwide.  
  Onstream's robust streaming and downloading solution called the Digital Media Services Platform (DMSP), uses our Streaming Publisher for ingesting, managing, publishing and distributing video and other multi-media assets to any number of websites worldwide. Streaming Publisher's dynamic content delivery solution is for live streaming, archive streaming and content downloads.  

We also provide advanced content management features such as RSS video feed generation, the ability to create role-based permissioning, automated workflow and secure token-based streaming.

  Streaming Publisher Mobile Device streaming now provides an easy-to-use system for streaming live and on demand video to iPhones, iPads, Androids and BlackBerry devices. Our system detects which device your customer is using and delivers that video in the appropriate format and wrapper.  
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